What is MDC?

Medical Design Club is one of Cal Poly's College of Engineering Instructionally Related Activities (IRA). At MDC, we aim to get students involved in various interdisciplinary medically-focused projects. Projects are entirely student-run, allowing members to collaborate with peers while still pursuing their own individual areas of interest. All students are welcome and encouraged to join regardless of major, previous experience, or background – so click that sign up button now!

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What We Do


MDC projects allow students to engage in research, design, and prototyping in a medically-focused setting. Project ideas are conceptualized at our Ideation Meeting in the beginning of the school year. After this initial meeting, club members are open to join and apply to lead projects. Projects typically last one to two years, and conclude with a final report and/or submission to competitions.


Join us for a workshop or social each week! They are a great chance to pick up valuable skills and meet new people. Our workshops and socials aim to provide learning opportunities related to club projects or other medical topics. Examples of past events include learning how to use CAD softwares, building simple Arduino-based sensors, and watching medical documentaries.

Connect with us

We have several ways to keep in touch, whether you're looking for event info or want to contact our officers. Please feel free to get in touch with us in any of the following channels.


We post photos, event announcements, and other fun updates on our Instagram. Feel free to DM us with your questions!


Our Slack channel has the most up-to-date info from our officers and team leads. If you are joining a project team, then this slack channel is a must-have.

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Club Email

You can email us directly with your questions at our official Cal Poly email address mdc@calpoly.edu.